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Botany[ edit ] Many cherries are members of the subgenus Cerasus, which is distinguished by having the flowers in small corymbs of several together not singly, nor in racemes , and by having smooth fruit with only a weak groove along one side, or no groove. The subgenus is native to the temperate regions of the Northern Hemisphere , with two species in America, three in Europe, and the remainder in Asia. Other cherry fruits are members of subgenus Padus. A cultivated cherry is recorded as having been brought to Rome by Lucius Licinius Lucullus from northeastern Anatolia , also known as the Pontus region, in 72 BC. Trades people leased or purchased land to plant orchards and produce gardens, “Certificate of Corielis van Tienlioven that he had found 12 apple, 40 peach, 73 cherry trees, 26 sage plants.. ANNO 18th of June Both species originate in Europe and western Asia; they do not cross-pollinate. Some other species, although having edible fruit, are not grown extensively for consumption, except in northern regions where the two main species will not grow. Irrigation, spraying, labor, and their propensity to damage from rain and hail make cherries relatively expensive.

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Hot Game Mince pies are the perfect combination of sweet meat and flaky pastry. Mix together the dates, raisins, and ground meat to fill the buttery pastry, and place a star on top to make each pie special.;.

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Almond extract secret ingredient! Egg and milk for crust wash optional These photos are from my attempt to make adorable little tarts for a baby shower last weekend. I thought the traditional-sized pies would be awkward to serve on paper plates, and plus they’re cute. It wasn’t a total disaster, but I ended up making regular 9″ pies for the party anyway because I missed an important step for these little guys. More on that later. So follow these steps if you want to make minis, or just lay out the bottom piece of the pie crust in a pie dish and skip the muffin tin part.

Preheat oven to degrees. Prepare your muffin tin. Cut squares of aluminum foil larger than the circles of the muffin tin. They should be big enough to press down into the cups and leave four corners sticking up. You’ll use these for handles to remove the mini pies when they’re done baking. That’s the step I left out in my photos, sorry!

Chocolate-Cherry Pudding Cake

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Excellent question with no definative answer. This recipe invites experimentation. Early print descriptions suggest the original dessert was a frozen fudge infused ice cream pie presented in chocolate cookie crumb pie crust. Ice cream flavors varied; fudge ran from chocolate sauce to thick emulsion. Some recipes incorporate marshmallow or whipped cream. Others have no ice cream at all and are served warm or room temperature.

Free recipes, cooking resources and books. This recipe is hot water pie crust. Desserts, beverages, appetizers, soups, and many unique recipes available at Craftown.

Instructions Serves 6 to 8 Makes 1 9-inch pie We prefer whole milk in this recipe, but 1 or 2 percent low-fat milk may be substituted. Do not substitute frozen cherries for the fresh cherries. Adjust oven racks to lowest and upper-middle positions; place inch skillet on lower rack and heat oven to degrees. Line rimmed baking sheet with aluminum foil and place cherries, cut side up, on sheet. Roast cherries on upper rack until just tender and cut sides look dry, about 15 minutes.

Transfer cherries to medium bowl, toss with lemon juice, and let cool for 5 minutes.

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Advice on equipping a kitchen in the 19th century Catherine Beecher had firm ideas about what was needed for a well-run household. Her list for the s kitchen in the USA included: In a prosperous American household in a “prudent and generous mistress” would supply her cook “with ample provision of all such things as her important department requires All these articles are indispensable, and there are a great many other useful implements which modern ingenuity has brought into use, and which it would be well to introduce into a fully-arranged kitchen.

A cherry blossom is a flower of several trees of genus Prunus, particularly the Japanese cherry, Prunus serrulata, which is called sakura after the Japanese (桜 or 櫻; さくら).. Currently they are widely distributed, especially in the temperate zone of the Northern Hemisphere including Japan, Nepal, India, Taiwan, Korea, China, West Siberia, Iran and Afghanistan.

WonderHowTo Pie and pi lovers rejoice: March 14 is a holiday for both bakers and math nerds: Pi Day , where the day and month correspond to the first three digits of the most famous mathematical constant. If you’re trying to figure out which kind of pie to bake in honor of the holiday, Modern Farmer’s got you covered with this good-looking infographic. It tells you what kind of pie to make according to the seasons.

Even better, it also gives basic instructions on how to make them. It covers the four basic types of pie crusts, too, and gives you a brief rundown of what goes into them, too. Newbie bakers will probably want a more detailed recipe, but for experienced pie-makers and other types who know how to cook without measuring tools , this chart is a lovely, fun way to remind you to cook more pies! Want to Make Great Pies? Making amazing pies takes practice.

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