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Want to use this map on your web site? Copy and Paste the code below: Despite the wealth of historical sites in and around Paphos, the resort is mainly visited for its superb beaches. On the east side of town is lovely Alykes Beach with plenty of good facilities, making it a top choice for holidaymakers with children in tow. For somewhere a bit less crowded, head to Kissonerga Bay eight kilometers north of town , which has a gorgeously inviting strip of sand but rarely sees more than a handful of visitors thanks to its few facilities. Lara Beach 26 kilometers north , on the Akamas Heights, is the number one beach spot in the area – and rated as one of the best on the entire island. Here, you’ll find a cove of supreme sandy bliss that is also an important turtle nesting site during summer. A great half-day out from Paphos, the village of Fyti is a timewarp place with an atmosphere of gentle country life still palpable despite its easy accessibility to Paphos. Come here to wander the narrow streets idly and take a break from the buzz and hustle of the coast.

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The manuscript names numerous towns along the Mediterranean coast and mentions Kyrenia as a harbour town: Salamis, which is Greek and has a closed winter harbour; the Karpasia, Kyrenia, Lapithos, which is Phoenician; Soloi this has also winter harbour ; Marion, which is Greek; Amathus which is autochthonous. All of them have deserted summer harbours.

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It is an outstanding tourist destination, noted for its ancient houses and ecclesiastical buildings unearthed from when the Department of Antiquities commenced digs at the site until today. The countryside around is a sea of canary yellow and neon greens, which contrast in postcard-inspiring vistas against the vestiges of Nea Paphos. Well marked paths lead the visitor to the wonders of the Roman era, the villas of Dionysos, the House of Aion, Theseus, Orpheus, all flaunting impeccably preserved mosaic floors.

These homes are the gems of the complex, which also includes the Agora, the Theater, the House of Four Seasons, the Asklepieion, and the remains of the Saranda Kolones Byzantine castle, to mention the most important landmarks. With so much to see, you could spend hours pottering around the archeological park of Paphos. In ancient times, during the Ptolemies, New Paphos was the capital of the island. No wonder that the monuments forming the present complex are so richly adorned with mosaics, which are extremely rare, and, according to UNESCO, they are also amongst the most beautiful specimens in the world.

Pictures do not do justice to the sights offered by the Paphos Archaeological Park. At the entrance, you are welcomed by a depiction of the sea-monster Scylla.

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Additional Information Introduction The year will mark the 48th year that Sunvil has promoted this enchanting island. In that time, we have built up a knowledge and feeling for the country which is second to none. We can truly say that we know Cyprus inside out.

Villas in Paphos. This popular holiday resort is located on the southwest coast of the island, The focal point of Kato Paphos, the lower town is the little harbour, with its string of tavernas and cafes.

Both are unique in their own rights. It is a small island in the mediterranean sea rich in culture and history with civilisations dating back over 10, years making it one of the oldest civilisations in the region. Larnaca is probably the best airport to use if you want to visit both North and South Cyprus. Crossing the border is getting easier, especially on foot, be sure to check with any car hire companies however to see if they allow a border crossings. Cyprus is warm all year round and its climate has attracted holidaymakers for hundreds of years.

Aphrodite the Goddess of love was born in Paphos which is a very popular holiday destination with miles of fabulous beaches, a dozen or more being awarded Blue Flag status. Other popular resorts are Limassol, Ayia Napa and Protaras where you will find both sandy and rocky coastlines. The island is unique given that in January and February holidaymakers will be skiing in the Troodos Mountains while the other tourists will be sunbathing on the beaches.

Cyprus has had a troubled past and a history well worth exploring. There are lots to learn and enjoy about this interesting and sun drenched island. A truly special place.

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A link will be included for those interested in purchasing the item. This deep bowl dates to the 7th Century BC, which on the Island of Cyprus would correspond the Iron Age and specifically what is referred to in archaeological terms as the Cypro-Archaic Period. Cypriot Black on Red Ware, also sometimes known as Cypro-Phoenician Ware, typically has a burnished red slip with added decoration in thin black lines.

Evidence suggests that it was produced only on the Island of Cyprus at multiple production centers beginning around BC, and had a long life, continuing into the 5th Century BC. Although a great deal of Cypriot pottery of all periods was legally exported from the Island during the period of Ottoman rule, especially in the 19th Century, and during the British colonial period from through , deep bowls of this type are much less common than the juglets and other closed form containers available on the antiquities market today.

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Alexander the Great Long and sustained efforts to overthrow Persian rule proved unsuccessful and Cyprus remained a vassal of the Persian Empire until the Persian’s defeat by Alexander the Great. He was perhaps the greatest commander in history and led his army in a series of victorious battles, creating a vast empire that stretched from Greece to Egypt in Africa and to the Caspian Sea and India.

The Cypriot kings, learning of the victory of Alexander at Issus, and knowing that sooner or later, Alexander would be the new ruler of the island, since the occupation of Cyprus was necessary along with that of Phoenicia to open lines of communication to Egypt and Asia, rose up against their Persian overlords and made available to the fleet of Alexander the ships formerly in the service of Persia.

There was a mutuality of interests: Alexander the Great increased the capacity of his fleet, and the Cypriot kings achieved political independence. Siege of Tyre[ edit ] Main article: The Cypriot fleet, together with Cypriot engineers, contributed much to the capture of this highly fortified city. Tyre, then the most important Phoenician city, was built on a small island that was metres from the shore and had two harbors, the Egyptian to the south and Sidonian to the north.

The Cypriot kings, in command of ships, each with a very experienced crew, provided substantial assistance to Alexander in the siege of this city, which lasted for seven months. During the final attack, the Cypriots managed to occupy the Sidonian harbour and the northern part of Tyre, while the Phoenicians loyal to Alexander occupied the Egyptian harbour.

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Paphos, a small charming harbour town, on the west of the island, which has been, during certain times in antiquity, the capital of Cyprus, has a history which goes back literally thousands of years, and has always attracted visitors from the rest of the island and abroad.

Michael Brown worked with the Pyla-Koutsopetria Archaeological Project from or thereabout as a collaboration between our project and his dissertation research. We also had to navigate a much more complex political landscape than we had anticipated. The most significant past work at the site had been done by a major figure in Cypriot archaeology who had strongly held at the time , if idiosyncratic views of the history of the site.

Whatever the plausibility of this argument and however much our work directly challenged it, the argument rested on a particular reading of the archaeological evidence at Kokkinokremos and Paleokastro-Maa. The result of this discontinuity between our work and previous scholarship led to us being discouraged from continuing our research and a few tense meetings between our project and various figures in the Department of Antiquities and the Cypriot archaeological establishment.

It was all pretty stressful and since our main focus had been on the Hellenistic and Late Roman phases of work in the area, I think we were happy enough to put those days behind us. In any event, bygones are bygones and it is remarkably gratifying to see this publication and for it to be the inaugural publication of the excavation phase of the Pyla-Koutsopetria Archaeological Project.

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Here are my top five recommendations for things to do if you’re staying in or near to Paphos, Cyprus. Visit Paphos Harbour We were lucky that our hotel, Akti Beach Village Resort , was fairly close to Paphos and all it’s best bits, including the harbour. We spent a day there and found it a wonderful way to see more of Paphos. If you’re looking for somewhere to eat, Theo’s Fish Restaurant does amazing desserts and drinks.

A site of underground tombs dating from the 4th Century BC, they are carved out of solid rock and were excavated in the ‘s and ‘s; it’s believed the site was used as a burial site for Paphitic aristocrats and high-ranking officials.

About Nea Pafos. Nea Pafos is an archaeological site near Paphos Harbour in Cyprus housing the remains of what was once the capital of the island. Founded in the fourth century BC by Nikokles, the last king of nearby Palaipafos, Nea Pafos then went from strength to strength, particularly under the Ptolemaic kingdom from the third century BC.

The discovery was made as part of the 13th annual field research in Palaipafos by the University of Cyprus, under the direction of Professor Maria Iacovou of the Department of History and Archaeology. So far, archaeologists have discovered around six compartments and communication corridors. Among the finds in the area is a stone masonry that currently stands at 2 meters in height.

Apart from that, the production facilities are also well-preserved, complete with workshop installations containing millstones, olive presses, water pipes, basins and weights. In and around the complex, the team has recovered a variety of remains pertaining to the palaeoenvironment of the region, including animal bones, seeds, charcoal fragments, olive pits and slag. These finds, according to the researchers, will help shed light on the economic model of the ancient city of Paphos.

Units 1 To 6 At The Architectural Complex Survey of Units 3 and 4 at the complex has revealed that these structures were originally used for the production of olive oil. On the other hand, Unit 1 likely served as a warehouse, since it housed the fragments of a large number of local as well as imported amphorae, primarily wine amphorae. This, as per the archaeologists, points to the extensive trade networks that ancient Paphos maintained with Carthage, Egypt, Syria, present-day Lebanon and the Aegean Thassos, Kos, Rhodes and Chios and places along the Asia Minor coast Ephesus, Miletus and Samos , particularly in the period between circa 4th century BC and 2nd century BC.

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Cyprus is a land for romantics, dotted with castles, churches, monasteries, mosaics, white-sand beaches and the bluest of seas. Early suitors include Marc Antony, who thought the island so fragrant he gave it to Cleopatra, and Richard the Lionheart, who briefly put down his crossbow to marry there. Temperatures remain delightful through to December, with a daily average of 20C, even up until Christmas.

Undoubtedly, it is a sense of the familiar that also appeals. From driving on the left to the recognisable shop fronts — the pillar where St Paul was lashed for spreading Christianity is directly behind the Paphos branch of Debenhams — mean that many Brits about 30, in this region alone feel at home here.

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