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Bhakoot Nadi These eight gunas carry points on the basis of their importance. Varna carries 1 mark. Vasya is given 2 marks. Tara carries 3 points. Yoni is given 4 points. Graha Maitri has 5 points. Gana carries with it 6 points and Bhakoot is assigned 7 points. The last, Nadi, is considered the most important and is assigned 8 points.

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May 12, Image Source: Internet Politics in India seems to be taking significant twists and turns. While last few elections have seen increasing influence of Saffron BJP, several scholars say Congress may be down but not out. Well, what follows is the election prediction of Ganesha as per astrology. Transiting Saturn is moving over natal Sun in the 10th house.

Are you feeling dissatisfied with your career? Get accurate guidance from our Experts to make big, positive changes happen. The last phase of Sade Sati is taking place. Also, the transiting Rahu is moving over the natal Venus, Rahu and Mercury. These combinations may help Congress retain power in the state. Thus, Congress may suffer due to unfavourable Venus Sub Period. Are you planning to change your job? Have you thought whether it is the right decision or not?

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It was established in by the founder President late M. Arya Murthy and founder Secretary late Prof. It is a land mark for visual culture in the city and the State. CKP is already a tourist spot, a center for visual discourse and space for visiting artists from all over the globe. Also hosting a College of Fine Arts,Undergraduation, Post —Graduation and Research Program in Visual Arts for Indian and foreign students, the center has the capacity to become world class museum complex that can reflect the passion of those who contribute to its establishment; enrich the manner in which art history is seen and understood by audiences; and also become a learning space for students and visitors.

Current understanding of curatorial and conservation fields, along with available technology and resources can play in enhancing the already popular center further. Nicholas Roerich 9th October —13th December , known also as Nikolai Konstantinovich Roerich — was a Russian painter, writer, archaeologist, theosophist, enlightener, philosopher; and public figure.

Svetoslav Roerich, who was a supporter of the development of Chitrakala Parishath, donated paintings to the Parishath in the year It was decide that this collection of paintings of both Prof. Nicholas Roerich and his son Svetoslav Roerich would be on a permanent display in the Galleries.

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Nadi is the most important Gun Koota for matchmaking. If Nadi Dosha exists marriage should not happen. Why Nadi Dosha is so critical? What will happen if you have Nadi Dosha?

Heritage Site of Karnataka. Cultural heritage of Karnataka is varied and ancient. Karnataka is one of the South Indian Dravidian States. Southern culture is native Dravidian culture which is rich and ancient as compared to the pre-historic Aryan culture of Northern weapons dating back to BC found at Hallur in Dhaward district prove that Karnataka’s early inhabitants knew the.

When anyone talks about Jataka Matching for marriage in Kannada, it may mean many things, one of which is that they do not have the time to pay a visit to the astrologer. Further, if you visit the astrologist, he will take time to analyze before he comes up with the kannada horoscope matching result. Also, if he checks the jataka physically, there is much chance of mistakes happening.

Also, if she is evaluating the jataka using a software in astrology, then you may as well use a better astrology software for finding out your kundali matching in Kannada. While some people may insist on visiting the astrologer, there are many who are not amused with the act of paying a visit to the astrologer to match just one set of jatakas.

Fof the sake of those who wish to check a horoscope match from the comfort of their home, leaving the visit to the astrologer for the final confirmation, this kannada horoscope matching feature at ePanchang. What is Horoscope Matching Kannada? This is your horoscope matching kannada page, where you fill in the girl’s as well as the boy’s birth details to get a kannada horoscope matching report, FREE. This matching is the process of analyzing a jataka and then comparing the other jataka, evaluating positives and negatives of a matching.

The rules of jataka matching are used to make a decision of whether to match or not match the horoscopes for marriage.

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The bad part was super suck. During my 12 days in India I saw a lot of things and I did a lot of things and learned a lot of things. It was just going to be me and her. However, by the time I arrived in India, there were:

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Karnataka Tourism in Karnataka Think of Karnataka and myriad beautiful images come to mind-the old world charm of villages and towns; friendly rural folk; misty mountain ranges of the Western Ghats; lovely waterfalls at Jog and Sivasamudra; cacophony of migratory birds at Ranganathittu; call of the wild at Bandipur and Nagarhole; and the mild aroma of teak, ebony and rosewood in the forests.

The state is steeped in tradition yet is one of the forerunners of the information technology revolution in the country. Location Karnataka is the eighth largest state in India. Located in the southern part of the country, it is surrounded by other states like Maharashtra and Goa in the north, Tamil Nadu and Kerala in the south, Andhra Pradesh in the east and the Arabian Sea in the west. The state of Karnataka is situated approximately between the latitudes The Northern Karnataka Plateau, at an elevation of to meter, is largely composed of the Deccan Trap.

It represents a monotonous, treeless extensive plateau landscape rich in black cotton soils. The Central Karnataka Plateau is the area between the Northern and Southern Karnataka Plateaus, which results in the general elevation varying between and meter. This region represents the area of the Tungabhadra basin. The Southern Karnataka Plateau covers the area of the Cauvery river basin lying in Karnataka and is encircled by the Western Ghats in the west and south.

The region is situated between and meter above sea level. The coastal stretch, with an average width of 50 to 80 km, covers about km from north to south. The state boasts of a wide range of topological features. There are chains of mountains, the highest being the Mullayyana Giri 1, m.

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Named after Lord Shiva, this town is extremely famous for the statue of Lord Shiva, which is the second largest in the world. Besides the religious significance of Murudeshwar, the coastal town is also famous for its sea life, with Murudeshwar being a famous scuba diving hotspot. Netrani Island, not very far from Murudeshwar, is a famous coral beach, and a perfect scuba diving site cum training centre.

Atma-Linga or the soul of Lord Shiva is believed to bless an individual with the power of invincibility and immortality. With the greedy idea of achieving the potential of invincibility and immortality, Ravana prayed fervently to Lord Shiva, and Lord Shiva grants him the Atma-Linga with the condition that it shouldn’t touch the ground. Later, Lord Ganesha disguises himself as a brahmin to misguide Ravana in placing the Atma-Linga as the God community believed that this could create chaos on Earth.

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Saturday, January 13, , There are predictions already being made as to who would take the coveted states and many political parties are already conducting back-channel talks to take the seat of power at the Vidhan Soudha in case of a hung assembly. Vidhana Soudha However, leading political scientist Dr Sandeep Shastri argues that the mandate would be a clear one and the chance of a hung assembly is very low.

Dr Shastri helps OneIndia understand why Karnataka would not witness a hung assembly. He cites examples dating back to when Karnataka was in a state of political transition. Do read in to understand what he says. There are two reasons why Karnataka will not witness a hung assembly. Given the nature of competition in Karnataka, today and the fact that the Janata Dal has been limited to small pockets of influence would ensure that the party would end up a distant third.

This would mean that the key competition would be between the Congress and the BJP. The manner in which it is panning out indicates that the two parties are the mainstay in the competition. The year witnessed a hung assembly in Karnataka. The next time there was a hung assembly was in the year

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April 23, 6: Dowry is one of the issues plaguing the Indian mindsets even today and to help rid the society of this, youngsters in Karnataka decided to take the help of social media. Using WhatsApp , a group of eight youngsters from Mangaluru not only initiated the conversations against dowry but have also been able to successfully bring together couples without the exchange of dowry.

As the New Indian Express reports, owing to the increased number of suicides and women above 30 years of age remaining unmarried in a particular community, the group of youngsters created a discussion group in February Until today, the group has reportedly been able to successfully bring together 75 coupled without any involvement of a broker or dowry exchange.

As regional hubs for innovation and start-ups, Karnataka and Finland are natural partners for connecting companies, entrepreneurs, students, researchers, officials, academia as .

May 2, Marriage Registration Comments: Special Marriage Act, It applies to all irrespective of religion, caste, language. Registration of Marriages in Karnataka In the office of the Registrar of Marriage within the authority of which the marriage has taken place or in the office of Marriage Officer in whose authority the couple lives Marriages under Hindu Marriage Act can be registered there. The boy should have completed 21 years and the girl must have completed 18 years.

The marriage under Hindu Marriage Act can be registered at any time. Eligibility Criteria under Parsi Marriage Act The couple is not within the degree of banned relationship mentioned in schedule I of the Act. The marriage under this Act can be registered at any time. Solemnization under Special Marriage Act, The couple should give notice of planned marriage 30 days before solemnization with mentioned fees.

They must have lived together for not less than 30 days within the jurisdiction of marriage officer before giving the notice. If no objections are received within 30 days from the date of notice of intended marriage, the couple should appear before the Marriage Officer within next 60 days after lapse of 30 days from such notice along with three witnesses for solemnization of the Marriage. After following procedure prescribed under act and rules will solemnize the marriage by marriage office.

Fresh notice has to be issued if marriage is not solemnized within 90 days from the date of notice.

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