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We saved him, Rachel was his soulmate”. Welcome to a Milestone Celebration of this gleeful noise. We start the th Episode with Rachel, because of course, and Mercedes going down the old hallway. Cut to the choir room where the graduating ex-ND members gush over Rachel, while Unique, in her last scene of relevance, gushes over Mercedes. The girls see this and remember the high school importance of getting that seat, both bolting for it at the same time. Rachel just beats Mercedes, who dusts herself off like the adult she is and speaks cordially to Rachel before moving to the back of the room. Wouldn’t work anyway, since sitting next to that seat is the love of Rachel’s life. Will then enters, and announces that it’s the th lesson of glee as well as the last. Therefore, he wants new takes on old numbers, and since this is old home week, he’s gonna take one more trip down the back Rhodes and bring in the oldest ex-ND member.

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If you just want to talk about the show, stop by our Glee Forum. It also spawned a British singing contest called “Don’t Stop Believing” yes, with the ‘g’ that lasted six episodes in summer , was won by the only team who sang Barbra Streisand , and has never been mentioned since. Please note that The Glee Project has its own page, so don’t put examples from that here. Most notably was any Finn story lines occurring past season 4, since between season 4 and 5 Cory Monteith passed away.

The only time Sue calls Emma by her correct name is in the pilot. Sue appears to not do this purely out of malice.

Santana helped Rachel get off Quinn and Brittany simply picked her up and carried her to Santana’s bedroom honeymoon style. “So Quinn, I hope you ate all your spinach. You will need all .

Makoto and Motoki become one in the live-action series only, even getting engaged in the finale special. Ryota makes his affection for Ayako very clear and Ayako generally doesn’t mind it unless it interferes with basketball or gets him in trouble. Sakuragi even shows some distress when he notices Ryota’s made more progress with Ayako then he has with Haruko.

Princess Amelia of Slayers definitely has feelings for Zelgadis but, due to his quest to recover his human body and being the only serious guy of the group, for the most part he doesn’t remark on it or doesn’t care. However, she does make him blush a lot, and there are many hints that he cares for her quite deeply, especially in the second season. And the fact that we see that one of Amelia’s wristbands is tied to Zel’s canteen in the credits of the last episode of the third season.

Tonari no Kashiwagi-san has Sayaka and Kazuki who often help Kotone and Yuuto along with their stumbling more-than-friends-but-not-quite-going-out relationship, both through direct advice and as a Double Date couple to keep the two from being too nervous, although mostly Yuuto, as Kotone is even more innocent than that. The main protagonists Sakura and Syaoran were actually the ones with the more simplified relationship as opposed to the ambiguously canon Beta Couple Fai and Kurogane, possibly attributed to the fact that Sakura and Syaoran were carry-overs from the already canon version of themselves in Cardcaptor Sakura , so there was no question that they’d get together.

Whereas Fai and Kurogane were entirely new characters who got their Character Development over the course of Tsubasa.

Beta Couple

The Shoddy Inn from No Competition is more disreputable than evil but still attracts its fair share of prostitutes and dark creatures. The Red Lobster Inn from Pinocchio. The ironically named Snuggly Duckling from Tangled.

sulkygeek fan fic journal: crappy fanfic. I’m awesome! Can’t handle the angst or the crap? go cry in your blog. Just because she burnt a lot of them didn’t mean she didn’t know how to keep a person on the hook. It was so obvious and Santana was tempted to call Quinn up and let her know that she wasn’t fooling everyone, that she.

Kurt finds it boring and tells Blaine that he’s sick of being back-up vocals while Blaine takes all the songs, which Blaine is surprised at. Her efforts still suck, and Finn politely tells her this. Quinn resolves to win Finn back, because she wants to be Prom Queen, but she needs a Prom King- and Finn’s a shoo-in- but she needs to make sure that Finn doesn’t start dating Rachel again.

She resolves to keep Rachel, her enemy, close. Elsewhere, Kurt whistles to Pavarotti, and after Pavarotti fails to reply, Kurt realises that he’s dead. At a Warblers meeting where Blaine suggests that they wear red jackets with blue piping rather than blue with red piping, Kurt walks in and announces that Pavarotti has died. He asks if he can sing a tribute to him and sings ‘Blackbird’ by the Beatles.

Midway through the song, Blaine stops singing and starts staring at Kurt like he’s been hit over the head with a crowbar, though he’s actually just realizing that he’s madly in love with one Kurt Hummel, finally.

But Make It Fashion

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Tons of character stereotypes show up, to the point of reviving a few Dead Horse Tropes.. Although the first half of Season 1 was well received and put all of its main cast in the spotlight, Glee became one of Fox’s most divisive shows. This was helped by the fact that before the first season was finished it was renewed for both a second and third season, both with 22 episodes.

Believably stronger Ranma who isn’t a jerk. Now has a TVTropes page! Tofu for some answers. While fighting those that came after him, Ranma makes a crazy decision, using the Nanban Mirror to get away from everyone chasing him. Chaos, meet well laid plans Harry wants to make his own mark on the wizarding world and with the resources at his disposal and his popularity at an all time high now is the time to forge his own path.

Reality Base

Do Hell and Sea Mix? His horrible problem is most commonly known as Percy. He has fallen for the big oblivious doof and doesn’t know how to control his emotions.

Title: Dirty Little Secret Author: wanderinghope Fandom: Glee Pairings/Characters: Quinn/Santana Rating: NC Word count: 3, Spoilers: none, AU-ish, maybe set after season 2? Summary: Written for this prompt at the glee_kink_meme. Santana loves fucking herself with Quinn’s sex toys. One time.

I meet a fine Lady, too late in my life Can play an ugly part To entice and excite my loins Dr. Beh is going away bbbb Ne’er to lie another day was just a bore and a whore music is healing nothing but a big fat snore purple adult spots dance across the ceiling The tip of my tounge is not sharp, But it is split into to two. Or is this world much too sublime?

I am no longer in my prime, Just like a soda and lime I’m never going to take a leak again chocolate because my eye is gouged with a pen fanny pack wet drink fifty times longer than she was corduroy rumbledethumbs who in the world do you think? Dont you love our humanities class? Wont you just miss this humanities class? Now ascending, now descending within the banal circle of fifths I hate math Uh oh!

I didn’t get anything. What am I missng? What did I remember to forget? Your kisses leave me guessing Smiling Is Infectious Your kisses leave me guessing snoring is obnoxious is it just proof of life or death? I think the liquor’s noxious How many world really exist? Now you can tell by the way I walk, I need some aftershave only the elekrik magic ethers betwixt I wonder if I chuckle at the way you behave?

The terror of your thick and erogenous hair surrounding your pussy my heart may glow Image of marsh in the magician’s retinas, please eat my toe his way or no way you are my true foe tourniquate torniquate!

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It is an opportunity for us to reflect on the language and ideas that represented each year. So, take a stroll down memory lane to remember all of our past Word of the Year selections. Change It wasn’t trendy , funny, nor was it coined on Twitter , but we thought change told a real story about how our users defined Unlike in , change was no longer a campaign slogan.

Brandy Huber: Santana and quinn hook up fanfic Hindsight by CorvusCorvidae reviews Sometimes, in the dead of night, Rachel would think of what could have been. The comic books santana and quinn hook up fanfic tell you everything.

V A month later, it was time for Sectionals. The Glee club were currently getting ready. All the girls wore knee-length gold dresses with a black halter strap. The boys all wore black shirts and black trousers with a yellow tie. Ophelia was just finishing putting her makeup on when Rachel approached her. Ophelia glanced up when she saw the diva appear in the reflection of the mirror.

Ophelia looked at Rachel, searching for any signs of deceit in her expression, but found nothing. She and Rachel walked away from the rest of the group and stood in the corner. I was a jerk and spread rumours about you to the rest of the school, and I shouldn’t have. Shelby told me we were half-sisters, and I didn’t really want to believe it at first.

Growing up thinking I was an only child meant that I didn’t really react well to changes. I had no idea how. I’m not asking us to be friends, just for us to get along.

Pezberry/Faberry glee AU

But no one knew the real story behind the hook-up. No one but them. Quinn copied her actions, whipping out her proof of identity and thrusting it forwards, introducing herself as Emily Stark. The man furrowed his brow slightly, as if he was deliberating the authenticity of the girl’s confident words. But eventually he just gave a casual shrug and a nod, signalling them to place their order. Santana grinned slyly, turning to Quinn and gesturing with a wide sweep of her hand for the blonde to order first.

A This story is a part of BBC Britain – a series focused on exploring this extraordinary island Then come on down to Country Friends Date, not patently offensive.

Breaking the Fourth Wall: Done a couple of times. We’re even fighting in our voiceovers. A truly hilarious one in the start of 4. Brittany, who are you talking to? I thought I was doing a voiceover.

Quinn/Santana ● I wanna [EELG]