20 Questions with July Talk’s Peter Dreimanis

Sorry, there are no July Talk dates. Together, they write and record, shoot and edit every last second of music and film they put out under the July Talk name. Fundamentally, this creative output is focused on an aesthetic of opposites. Opposites that are easily illustrated by the band’s two singers. Dreimanis from the country, Fay from the city; he a baritone and a show-off, she excitable but circumspect. As it turns out, they almost missed each other completely. He sung like a man 60 years older than he looked. It’s a weathered, slow-builder that shows off the character of Peter’s voice. She sang like she spoke; confidently and quietly.

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The Canadian alt-rockers do it not with provocative stage outfits nor naughty lyrics that would make Anthony Wiener blush, but a primal energy that gets you hot and bothered. I had a chance to talk with the two over email about their upcoming appearance Sunday Oct. Peter has a unique and powerful voice that borders on a bark. What are some of your favorite duets songs, groups, etc? As an art form, duets are a bit of a novelty.

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Dreimanis is one part of the vocal duo that fronts the Juno-nominated band July Talk and, reached in his home base in Toronto this week, Dreimanis heaped praise on the city that will host the Juno Awards on Sunday. Dreimanis, our first non-Manitoban 20 Questions subject, also became my best friend with an answer about the classic HBO drama The Wire.

Who is someone people say you really sound like? All the low-voice guys. Big Freedia from New Orleans. You were hesitant early on in your career to sing. What was the first song you sang on stage?

July Talk (Deluxe)

So tell me…how did July Talk become a thing? The band that I was playing in with our drummer Danny fell apart. I had just met Leah in a bar in Toronto and had heard her sing.

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Peter Dreimanis from July Talk:: Long distance road trip: Emmy Lou Harris for the road stories. Lloyd Dobler for the love stories. Matt Mays for the party. What is your favorite breakfast cereal? What is one thing that is hanging on your bedroom wall? Leah has way cooler things on her walls than I do on mine. My personal favourite in her room is an entire wall covered in black and white photos of boobs.

No wait — tea.

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Lyrics Biography Upon returning to his hometown of Toronto from a final European tour with his band, Peter Dreimanis sat sweaty and half-drunk in a candlelit basement bar, nursing a drink, debating his next musical pursuit. Lulled in lethargy, he paid little attention to the beat-up acoustic guitar being passed from patron to patron around him; that was until it found its home in the hands of Leah Fay.

He sat listening, dumfounded, dreaming up ideas for what could come to be between the two of them. Clear-headed the next day, he started his search for the stranger from the bar with whom he seemingly shared a soul. He found her; they founded July Talk.

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July Talk for every season Toronto band play Longhorn’s on Nov. Interviewing Leah Fay of July Talk is like chatting outside on a summer’s day. She’s warm and sunny, even over the phone from wintery Nelson. We go out for three weeks or a month at time and then we’re home for a month or two and then we go out again,” Fay says. Fay describes their music as “rowdy rock and roll that is based on a conversation.

This partly because touring has helped “form the essence” of the band and their following has grown. And what Fay calls the differences in her stage style compared to Dreimanis only came out after they hit the road. The change has been really fast and the reception has been great. The first time we went across Canada on our own, some cities like Calgary and Vancouver were pretty receptive and usually the number of people who came to the shows was completely mind blowing. Some small towns we’d go to, there would be some people there who liked us and the crowds would be seven or eight people,” Fay says.

Most of the shows have been sold out and close to sold out.

July Talk at Massey Hall

We feel so lucky but are also a little dumbfounded by how fast everything is happening. So far, our approach has been to not really believe anything is happening until it is actually happening. I think it is the safest way to deal with the attention. Having returned from a tour of Europe with another group, Dreimanis reportedly sat in a Toronto-area basement bar plotting his next musical move.

By chance or fate, depending on how you want to look at it, Fay was at that same bar.

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Live reviews July Talk If you haven’t heard July Talk’s EP yet, you should first chastise yourself for being a slacker, and then find it on whatever digital platform you prefer and listen to it repeatedly. They’re currently on tour, so I suggest you find a show and witness the brilliance for yourself. The first thing you’re likely to notice is vocalist Peter’s powerful voice. Deep and gruff, his voice is reminiscent of Tom Waits but unique in it’s own right.

You won’t quite believe that voice is coming from him when you lay eyes on him for the first time. In perfect contrast and balance, vocalist Leah’s voice is sweet and angelic, but don’t be fooled, that girl is a firecracker. This show was high energy from start to finish.

Watch July Talk’s Leah Fay Destroy a Sexist Heckler

Get yourself a band that can send you to the moon. Failing that, get yourself a band that can bring the moon to you. July Talk, in a stellar Massey Hall show, did just that. Their debut performance at the beloved Toronto venue managed to be both special and spatial.

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